Oh my goodness – how did that happen already? It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since the summer (although it does seem a very long time since I was back here – ehem, less said about that, the better).

I was hoping to share some crafty goings on with you, however, all my current projects are a little ‘hush-hush’ so to speak. Something to do with it nearly being Christmas (ssshhhhhh – if we whisper it, it might not happen).

Yeah, right, I wish. Anyway, I thought you might like to see some little piles of things that might be being worked on now, before I go and get the heck on with them, and I’ll post more details once they are done and delivered.

Best get cracking – there are some last posting dates I need to hit (and I’m off to the Bothered Owl Christmas yarn event tomorrow – I will post all about it soon).

Take care and until next time (it won’t be so long, I promise) B x


About cherrybelle

I'm a 30-something fabric & yarn obsessed female, living in London. Aside from fabric and yarn (and spreadsheets) I like to spend my time making the most of life in London.
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2 Responses to December

  1. Emma says:

    I’m feeling considerably less guilty about my stash of unused christmas fabric now – its much smaller than yours! At Castle Bromwich at the weekend I saw decorations made from two yoyos back to back, with beaded trim around the edge. Gave me some ideas for some beaded trim I’m hiding from the magpie.


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