Red Shoes for my Sister

Today is my sister’s birthday. There are 2 years and 3 days between us.

It is just the two of us. We get on a lot better now that we did growing up (various members of our family will tell you this wouldn’t be hard!). Whether this is due to the fact that she currently lives in Dubai, one can only speculate. Anyway, I miss her.

As the eldest, I was the first to do pretty much everything – school, high school, uni, graduation, work…. then she met my brother-in-law.

And she got to do something first.

This is the hair accessory that Rachel and I designed and made for the wedding. Yes, it is knitted wire, and yes, my fingers bled (but I was sooo chuffed when it was finished, I didn’t mind).

It is a well known fact that my sister loves red shoes. (I think the status of her undergarments are between her and her husband.) However, when I saw this shop window over the weekend, I had to take a photograph for her:

Happy Birthday Sis – may you have all the red shoes (and everything else) that you wish for. Love you, B x


About cherrybelle

I'm a 30-something fabric & yarn obsessed female, living in London. Aside from fabric and yarn (and spreadsheets) I like to spend my time making the most of life in London.
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