Worst Blogger Award

OK, I admit it, I’m a rubbish blogger. After all of two posts last June, I’ve been useless as getting my blog as up to date as I’d like it.

However, I have completed a lot of craft projects – some of which worked out better than others. My latest, a quilt for my Gran, completed for London Quilter’s exhibition at Swiss Cottage in March is below:

I started the ‘kaleidoplates’ for this quilt at a workshop with Chris and Barbara way back in 2008. Then I looked at them for about 3.5 years, buying a bit more fabric or another gadget at FoQ each year, with every intention of completing the quilt but never actually getting there. Then in January, I pulled my finger out and by working day and night (as well as doing the full time job, I hasten to add) I got it finished in time for the exhibition. I am delighted with the finished item. As was its new owner (who made the journey up to London especially to see it):

Other recently completed projects are shownbelow – enjoy (and I promise to be back soon to share more with you – in the meantime if anyone can recommend a mosaic builder that’d be ace):



About cherrybelle

I'm a 30-something fabric & yarn obsessed female, living in London. Aside from fabric and yarn (and spreadsheets) I like to spend my time making the most of life in London.
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